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Mrs.  Kara  VanderWeele
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Principal's Corner

Reminder of Parking Lot Rules

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Thomas Read Elementary New Safety Plan


Here are some of the new safety procedures:


Drop off Procedures for arriving 7:35 a.m. until 7:55 a.m.-

  • There is a clearly marked area for dropping off in the parking lot in the outer lane. You must pull all the way to the start of the drop off area and then allow your child to get out. Passing another vehicle is prohibited, you must wait your turn in the drop off line.

  • While you are waiting- say your goodbyes, have your child get their backpack, so when you are up to the area- your child may exit the car on the passenger side ONLY. If your child has to get out of the drivers side you must park and walk them to the door.

  • If you have to get out of the car to assist your child, you must find a legal parking spot.

  • All other occupants of the vehicle should remain in the vehicle.

  • Vehicles need to pull forward to use the entire loading zone so that multiple cars can drop-off at the same time.

  • Vehicles should pull away from the curb when the car in front of them leaves.


Drop off Procedures for arriving 7:56 a.m. or later

  • Park in a legal parking spot and walk in

  • Any students that arrive after 8:00 a.m. are considered tardy. All children who are tardy must enter the building WITH AN ADULT to sign them in.


Morning Procedures for Kindergarten and First Graders

  • All Kindergarteners and First Graders go into the gym for breakfast. We have adults that direct students once they enter the building and the cafeteria is supervised.

  • The teachers will come get the Kindergarteners and First Graders and will line up with adult supervision and walk them to their rooms.

  • Parents are not allowed to walk their children to the rooms.  

  • Any last minute directions or questions that need the teacher's attention will need to be sent via email or a note can be put in their box in the office for the teacher to read.

  • If you need to talk to the teacher, you must request an appointment.


Morning Procedures for Second and Third Graders

  • Second and Third Graders go to the playground first. Breakfast is served in classrooms when they come in.

  • The students must be dropped off in the drop off zone.  

  • Parents who need to speak with a teacher must request an appointment or email/leave a note for the teacher.


Transportation Procedures

  • Any changes in transportation must be made before 2:15 p.m. We can not guarantee any changes after 2:15 p.m. Please make sure to have a backup plan in case of emergencies.

  • Keep your transportation plans consistent. Changing plans every day leaves lots of room for confusion.

  • We must also have written notes from parents. We do not accept your child’s verbal directions.

  • Signing children out early is not allowed unless you have documentation stating you have an appointment.


Volunteer Procedures -For all parents that would like to volunteer in the classroom.

  • BEFORE you volunteer or come into a classroom - you must: fill out a police clearance (ICHAT form), sign a volunteer agreement and sign a confidentiality agreement.

  • ALL volunteer opportunities must be CLEARED in advance with the teacher with a set day, time and the purpose clearly identified.


Dismissal Procedure - Parents of all students- grades K-3,

  • Parents are no longer allowed to wait in the lobby.  

  • Parents must wait in the gymnasium - Parents will enter the gym from the outside using the #17 door It will be manned by staff from 2:50 p.m. until 3:15 p.m.

  • Older siblings picking up students- they must come in door #17  and go to TR gym to pick up siblings.

  • Walkers and car pick ups will be walked to the  gym, lined up by class and dismissed there.

  • When staff sees the parent, the staff will release them from the line to the parent. Once all parent pick up, car riders and walkers with siblings are released, our unsupervised walkers (second and 3rd graders), will be released.


PLEASE NOTE: We will no longer allow cars to idle in the fire lane or to park in front of the building. Please park your car in a parking space.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by calling the office at 861-5541 or e-mailing me at