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155 East 6th Street
Shelby, MI   49455

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Thank you for visiting Thomas Read Elementary school's web page.

 We want to hear from you.  

Please contact any teacher directly, or if you have another concern, feel free to contact Kara VanderWeele, the Principal. 

Principal:  Kara VanderWeele

Secretaries:  Diane Rood,

                     Heather Baffi,



Altmaier Autumn K Teacher 861-5541
Baffi Heather Secretary 861-5541
Birkhofer Elizabeth ESL Teacher 861-5541
Bisard  Kristen  K Teacher 861-5541
Blackmer Carla 3rd Grade Teacher 861-5541
Bowen Stephanie K Teacher 861-5541
Clark Yuvanka IA 861-5541
Dezwaan Anne 1st Grade Teacher 861-5541
Erickson Brian Counselor 861-5541
Fleser Susan 2nd Grade Teacher 861-5541
Fraass  Karen Homeless Liason   861-5541 
Garcia Amanda IA 861-5541
Garcia Christina Migrant Recruiter 861-5541
Gardenhouse Dana IA 861-5541
Gersten Deb ASPIRE Coordinator 861-5541
Gorton Abbie 2nd Grade Teacher 861-5541
Gowell Beth 3rd Grade Teacher 861-5541
Graham Sherrie  Kitchen 861-5541 
Hileski Jessica 3rd Grade Teacher 861-5541
Isley  Sandy Kitchen 861-5541
Patterson Mary 1st Grade Teacher 861-5541
Prado Maria IA 861-5541
Prado Veronica IA 861-5541
Reed Elizabeth IA 861-5541
Rood Diane Secretary 861-5541
Satterlee Rhiann IA 861-5541
Schmiedeknecht Lori K Teacher 861-5541
Scouten Stacey Elementary Music 861-5541
Silva Jessica 1st Grade Teacher   861-5541
Thurow Nadene 2nd Grade Teacher 861-5541
Waller Carol Crossing/Playground 861-5541  
Wright Brian PE 861-5541